Usage supports writing to standard output or using popup notifications.

Ξ Desktop/blanco git:(master) ▶
Mail due for Luke Legate
Ξ Desktop/blanco git:(master)

If the --notify option is specified popups will be displayed on the desktop, see the example below.


The --notify mode is specifically meant from a desktop startup sequence, and that is how blanco‘s author normally uses it.



Show program’s version number and exit

-h, --help

Show this help message and exit

-a <file>, --addressbook=<file>

Address book to read contacts from

-t <mailbox|msmtp>, --sent-type=<mailbox|msmtp>

Sent source type(mailbox or msmtp)

-r, --all

Include all recipients(CC and BCC fields)


Include only the first recipient(TO field)

-s <name>, --field=<name>

Addressbook field to use for frequency value

-n, --notify

Display reminders using notification popups


Display reminders on standard out

-v, --verbose

Produce verbose output

-q, --quiet

Output only matches and errors

Mailbox options

-m <mailbox>, --mbox=<mailbox>

Mailbox used to store sent mail

msmtp log options

-l <file>, --log=<file>

msmtp log to parse

-g, --gmail

Log from a gmail account(use accurate filter)


msmtp log for non-gmail account